trophyEach year the Inland Empire solicits the community to apply for an APA Section Award. There are a variety of categories ranging from unique and exceptional developments to individiduals who have contributed to the planning community. Each category can have one winner along with a possible award of merit if there are multiple applications which meet the criteria. Section winners are eligible to apply for the Chapter Award. The jury panel carefully reviews each application package weighing its merits with regards to the category criteria and relationship to other applications in the same category. The jury can, at their discretion, move an application to another more appropriate category, if it is felt the application was submitted incorrectly.

On behalf of the Inland Empire Executive Board, we thank all applicants for their tremendous effort in preparing an awards package and we look forward to the next year’s round of submittals. Please check back here for information regarding the next application process and submittal dates. Should you have any questions regarding the awards application process, please contact the section’s Awards Program Coordinator.