APA Legislative Update – October 2017

By: Paul Clark, AICP – Vice Director, Policy
The first half of the 2017-2018 Session for the California Legislature adjourned at the end of September, with final votes completed a week or so earlier.  The Governor exercised his veto pen by October 15 signing a number of bills, including a “housing package.”  Altogether, the Legislature considered about 3000 items, from statutory bills, constitutional amendments, resolutions and others.  Among these, 250 related directly the state planning profession.   Of this number, 130 addressed housing issues.  Many bills not passed by the legislature by last September will become “second year” bills as the Legislature will reconvene on January 3, 2018, and the whole cycle will begin again.
Our Legislative Representatives worked with a number of organizations building coalitions to respond to the slew of bills introduced.  The housing package referred to above addressed many APA concerns initially, but as the housing package momentum quickened in September, many last-minute amendments appeared and found themselves imbedded in the bills.  Problems with many of these will likely lead the APA and others to call for some “clean-up” bills after January.  Planners should follow closely information and seminars offered by the section and the chapter to address these concerns.
A complete report from our Sacramento representatives for the 2017 session and comments on the bills passed and vetoed related to the APA, please click here for more info: 2017 October APA Leg Update FINAL_10-18-17